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Re: any interest in JIT for bpf and npf_ncode?

On 29/12/2011, at 6:19 AM, Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> JIT code is 3-4 times faster on Ubuntu armv7 and 4.5 times
> faster on NetBSD-current amd64.

That sounds pretty good and will probably be useful to quite a few people. I 
know that the WAND group here in NZ wrote their own data capture mechanism 
because the traditional ones didn't capture data fast enough for them. I don't 
expect that a JIT will perform as well as a customised hardware and software 
solution such as WAND's, but these performance improvements might be useful.

I say "might" because nobody really cares if the JIT code is four times faster 
than the old code. What people care about is how data they can capture, so 
publishing test results that show more data being captured for less CPU 
utilisation is good. It would probably help to find a hardware setup that 
cannot capture traffic at the line rate because then you can show an obvious 
limitation being made better by the JIT code.


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