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any interest in JIT for bpf and npf_ncode?


I've been playing with sljit in the last few days. SLJIT stands for
state-less just-in-time compiler and it supports the following
architectures (from

Intel x86-32
AMD x86-64
ARM (Including ARM-v5, ARM-v7 and Thumb2 instruction sets)
IBM PowerPC-32
IBM PowerPC-64

I implemented code generation for some bpf instructions. The supported
set is rich enough to measure a performance of a real (well, almost)
bpf program. JIT code is 3-4 times faster on Ubuntu armv7 and 4.5 times
faster on NetBSD-current amd64.

Code is available on github:

Is there is interest, I can look into porting sljit to the kernel and
adding npf_ncode.


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