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Re: pptp daemon?

> I've been tasked with estting up a PPTP server, preferably on a
> particular NetBSD box, at work (whence my choice of from address).
> The box in question is NetBSD 3.1 i386.  It might be possible to make
> moving it to something more recent part of this, but it would be
> preferable to leave it alone; building from source, even with a few
> tweaks, would be preferable to an OS version switch.
> I've done some poking around, but everything, even the link on the
> NetBSD networking how-to page, seems to lead to
>, which is now some
> domain squatter's page.  Anybody have a saved copy, or other pointers?
> (It's totally possible I've just missed something; my web-fu is weak.)

Should be on the internet archive:


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