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Re: DHCPv6 support in dhcpcd?

In article <>,
Eric Schnoebelen <> wrote:
>Is there any ongoing work on adding DHCPv6 support to dhcpcd in
>Why?  I'd like to be able to have the DHCP servers on IPv6
>handle DNS reverse address map updates, DNS forward address
>creations, and allowing the client to gather useful information
>like name servers, time servers, etc..
>I believe the DHCPv6 supports handling all that, and the ISC
>dhcpd (and dhclient) in pkgsrc support those features on IPv6.
>(yes, I can build everything out of pkgsrc, and that is where
>the DHCP servers come from, but having something built into
>dhcpcd would be nice, since that's why it's in base..)

I tried to import the newest isc dhcp that has v6 support but
the isc shared libraries are a mess [ifdefs] and cannot be shared
with bind so I gave up for now.


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