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Re: telnetd: Authorization failed & Connection closed

On Sat, 13 Mar 2010, Christos Zoulas wrote:
I think you are mis-reading it; if there is not enough information from SRA
to log you in without a password, it will pass you to login to do it.

You mean it should run login(1) to ask for a login & passwort if no SRA information is available, right? That's at least what I understand from the manpage, and it's also what I think should happen.

From my understanding of the code, it does not fall back to login(1) but call exit(1) instead, though (looking at startslave() in src/libexec/telnet/sys_term.c):

        if (!autoname || !autoname[0])
                autologin = 0;

        if (autologin < auth_level) {
                fatal(net, "Authorization failed");

 - Hubert

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