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Re: telnetd: Authorization failed & Connection closed

On Mar 14,  2:30am, (Hubert Feyrer) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: telnetd: Authorization failed & Connection closed

| On Sun, 14 Mar 2010, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
| >>                  valid  Only allow connections when the remote user can 
| >> pro-
| >>                         vide valid authentication information to identify 
| >> the
| >>                         remote user.  The login(1) command will provide any
| >>                         additional user verification needed if the remote
| >>                         user is not allowed automatic access to the 
| >> specified
| >>                         account.
| >> 
| >> So vista and juniper don't implement SRA and the connection is not allowed.
| >> The default NetBSD telnetd configuration is more secure since passwords are
| >> not sent in plaintext over the network. This is why valid is the default.
| >> If you want to send your passwords in plaintext, feel free to change it for
| >> your system, but I don't think that the change is appropriate for everyone.
| >
| > And I can't have a steak because a three-year-old can't chew it?
| > Seriously, it sounds pretty broken to rather not have a working telnet than 
| > to do just what telnet is intended for.
| Plus: I read the part about login(1) that it should fall back and ask me 
| for my login & password. Apparently it does not - a feature?

I think you are mis-reading it; if there is not enough information from SRA
to log you in without a password, it will pass you to login to do it.


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