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Re: maintainers/users of de(4), lmc(4) ?

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 11:08:00AM -0700, List Mail User wrote:
>       I can fully agree with this - seems reasonable to me.
> Though I do believe that at some point the _unmodified_ de driver
> did work with *someone's* MX 713 card (I definitely was using MX
> chips with the de driver _before_ the tlp was written - I remember
> well that initially none of the clones I had (dozens) worked with
> the tlp driver at first) - but AFAICR, MX '713s & '715As work fine
> with tlp now (and the MX '8xx chips probably never worked even on MS).

The one that's a harder call, to me, is lmc.  The hardware is very clever
and it would in a way be a shame to lose a driver for it, but I suspect
it's now very, very uncommon.

It doesn't seem feasible to me to produce some kind of horrible beast with
two heads which used the guts of tlp but worked with the lmc hardware and
was still maintainable.  But we were at some point in the not too distant
past in contact with the lmc author, so maybe he has some ideas.


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