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aireplay-ng / Intel 4965 AGN

Hello tech-net!

I'm new to this mailing list and I hope this is the right place to put my question.

Due to my work as pentester, I've been using the aircrack-ng suite for many years. A few weeks ago I've installed NetBSD 5.0 on my laptop and now I'd like to fully "substitute" Linux by NetBSD. But there is one problem: In order to generate arbitrary packets and such stuff (using aireplay), I'll have to patch my driver as the man page indicates:

      aireplay-ng supports single-NIC injection/monitor.
      This feature needs driver patching.

Is there any driver patch available (see below for hardware specifications)? Or are there any other tools for these purposes?

My hardware specifications:
WiFi: 003:00:0: Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 4965AGN Mini-PCI Adapter (miscellaneous network, revision 0x61)

Victor Dorneanu

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