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How usable is agr(4)?


while upgrading a busy nfs fileserver, I have changed it to aggregate two wm(4) GBit interfaces with agr(4); on the other end is a HP procurve 2848 switch.

After a few days, a 'netstat -i' gives me

Name  Mtu   Network       Address              Ipkts Ierrs    Opkts Oerrs Colls
wm0 1500 <Link> 00:30:48:d7:0a:78 349626955 23 338123451 0 0
wm1   1500  <Link>        00:30:48:d7:0a:79     7958     0     7955     0     0
agr0 1500 <Link> 00:30:48:d7:0a:78 349620694 16 338117217 3516 2

which is not really balanced. Is this what I should expect? Or what am I missing?


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