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uath(4) added (Re: porting run(4) and malo(4) from OpenBSD)

At Mon, 02 Feb 2009 11:48:43 +0900,
FUKAUMI Naoki wrote:
> I'm porting run(4) (at usb) and malo(4) (at pcmcia) from OpenBSD.

uath(4) is added, too. maybe unstable. h/w WEP does not work yet.

as a workaround, RUN_SWCRYPTO and UATH_SWCRYPTO macro is added. if it is
defined, s/w crypto in net80211 will be used.

I can connect my WPA-PSK/AES AP with run(4) + RUN_SWCRYPTO now.

with run(4), when I did

  attach -> exec wpa_supplicant -> connect -> exec dhcpcd

I got interrupt storm. (many "RX status=6" messages on console)


  attach -> exec ifconfig run0 inet xxx -> wpa_supplicant -> connect

seems no problem.

I think run_init() may have problem.


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