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porting run(4) and malo(4) from OpenBSD


I'm porting run(4) (at usb) and malo(4) (at pcmcia) from OpenBSD.

it's not completed yet but my spare time is very limited, so I put it to
the public. they can be compiled and partially working on netbsd-5/i386.

if you want to use, please check your device's vendor/product id and add
it to source code before compiling.

firmware is required. see below.

current status

  BUFFALO WLI-UC-AG300N (RT2860+RT2850)

  can associate with 11a/b/g AP if no WEP/WPA.
  WPA handshake seems to complete, but no packet tx/rx.

  PLANEX GW-USMicroN (RT3070+RT3020) is not working by unknown reason.


  can attach.
  panic while "ifconfig up". (if association succeeded?)

  malo@{pci,cardbus} is not supported by this driver!

rum(4) is also available on my web. it's based on latest OpenBSD code.
I'm using it for ordinary use.

any comment are welcome.


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