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Re: v6 vs gif

>>>> # ifconfig gif0 inet6 (our v6 address) (our peer's v6 address)
>>>> ifconfig: SIOCAIFADDR: Invalid argument
>>> Please add a 'prefixlen 128',
> I agree this is non-intuitive, and should certainly be documented,
> maybe in gif(4).  I had the impression v6 was always /64, but p2p
> links seem to have two /128s even if a whole /64 is assigned to the
> link.  If standards really do say that /128 is right, gif should deal
> with just addresses.

Seems to me someone certainly should, whether it's gif or ifconfig.  I
can't see any reason to even _have_ a netmask on a point-to-point link,
but even if there is one, ISTM ifconfig should at least default to
something that doesn't error out.

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