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Re: v6 vs gif

>> # ifconfig gif0 inet6 (our v6 address) (our peer's v6 address)
>> ifconfig: SIOCAIFADDR: Invalid argument
> Please add a 'prefixlen 128', the default is '64' and is invalid for
> host addresses.

Oho!  That would explain it.  (Surely the default should be 128 when
setting local-&-remote addresses on a point-to-point link?  Is there
something (else) I'm missing here, or should I send- this -PR?)

That seems to work.  At least, the command completes without
complaining, and "ifconfig gif0" shows the addresses there.

Still doesn't _work_, but that's a separate issue.  (tcpdump seens
packets being sent on gif0, but they never emerge from the underlyign
interface.  I'm seeing some indications that the real problem is with
the underlying v4 routing; if I get stuck resolving it I may come back
here with that aspect too.)

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