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Re: Changing the default subnet route.

On Tue, 2008-12-30 at 13:28 -0600, David Young wrote:
> > Why would you expect changing an IPv4 route to affect an IPv6 route or
> > vice versa?
> I don't.  I do expect for these two scripts to behave similarly in
> their own domains, however:
> ifconfig bge0 inet6 fee1:: alias
> ifconfig iwi0 inet6 fee1:: alias
> route change -net -inet6 fee1::/64 -ifp iwi0
> ifconfig bge0 inet6 fee1:: -alias
> ifconfig bge0 inet6 fee1:: alias
> *** *** ***
> ifconfig re0 alias                                            
> ifconfig ral0 alias                                           
> route change -ifp ral0                                         
> ifconfig re0 -alias                                           
> ifconfig re0 alias                                            

With the two patches they now do :)
Well, there is the exception of the IPv6 fee1:: MACADDR UHL route bug
but I'd say that's outside the scope of the initial topic. I also don't
know enough about IPv6 to say if it's a bug or what part of the
kernel/userland is to blame for it.



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