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Re: Improving the data supplied by BPF

    >> I wasn't proposing an interface to control tap location, just
    >> flag bits to record what happened.  I once added support to
    >> ath(4) to do the tapping on tx complete so it could include more
    >> status.  But I see the point that one has to stop somewhere.

  It would be very nice to be able to annotate where the tap was.
  I've often shoved data into the bpf system from unusual places as a
debug feature....

>>>>> "Darren" == Darren Reed <> writes:
    Darren> I wonder if what you're looking for is something more akin
    Darren> to what dtrace allows? bpf's purpose is primarily packet
    Darren> data and not so much NIC status, etc. A dtrace-like solution
    Darren> would let you tap packets as they move along, in and out of
    Darren> packets and at specific "probe" points. I say that because
    Darren> it sounds like you are just as (if not more) interested in
    Darren> non-packet data and for that, I think BPF is not really the
    Darren> right answer...

  uhm. yeah, dtrace-ish, but really, that's too programmer oriented I
think, even if under the hood that's the right implementation. 

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