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Re: v6 default routes vs 3.1

> [...ping6 not working after boot but fixed by manual delete/add of
> the address on the interface...]

Turns out this is because something is wrong with the routes.

Immediately after boot, there is no route to 2610:98:8001:2::1, even
though sk0 has that address.

After a ping attempt when it's "broken":
2610:98:8001:2::1                  00:0f:ea:f3:08:7e              UHLc        1 
       0      -  lo0

When it's "fixed":
2610:98:8001:2::1                  00:0f:ea:f3:08:7e              UHL         0 
       0      -  lo0

The relevant bit is the c flag bit, RTF_CLONED.  An address the route
to which is CLONED is not considered "ours" by ip6_input, so the pings
are not even being received.

I find I can manually break it again by running "route delete -inet6
-host 2610:98:8001:2::1", which returns it to the just-post-boot state.

This just pushes the mystery around, of course; the questions now
become (1) why the route is CLONED and (2) why it comes up in that
state (manually setting the address with ifconfig installs a non-CLONED
route; why doesn't the boot-time ifconfig do likewise, or, if it does,
what happens to change it?).

Ideas, anyone?

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