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Re: Bluetooth PAN daemon

Hi Iain,

>  Finally I wrote a Bluetooth PAN daemon for NetBSD, it opens a tap(4)
>  interface and can handle all roles:
>   NAP     Network Access Point is like an ethernet bridge
>   GN      Group ad-hoc Network is a NAP with no external network
>   PANU    Personal Area Networking User in both host (like GN but
>           a single connection) and client (the device that connects
>           to all the others) mode.
>  source at:
>  any comments, suggestions or test results welcome (I'm fiddling with
>  details at the moment but the core is finished)
>  It should work on any NetBSD4+ system, the only thing is that the
>  /usr/sbin/sdpd and <sdp.h> function should be up to date in order to
>  register GN or PANU services (I added some padding recently so that
>  nap/gn/panu structure are the same size)
>  I only tested PANU (netbsd) -> NAP (windows mobile 6) so far, it performs
>  better than PPP (solid 6Kb/s against 2-5Kb/s using ppp to DUN service. I
>  blame the phone for that though :)
>  Also, is this something we want in NetBSD base system (it is written for
>  NetBSD), or should I go the pkgsrc route (it could be adapted without too
>  much trouble for other BSD systems)?

i think its great stuff. just started to look at it. with your
permission, i'd like to import this into freebsd base.

any particular reason for using libevent? its not in freebsd base, so
i would have to hack it.


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