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Re: Bluetooth PAN daemon

On Wed, 13 Aug 2008, Iain Hibbert wrote:


Finally I wrote a Bluetooth PAN daemon for NetBSD, it opens a tap(4)
interface and can handle all roles:

 NAP     Network Access Point is like an ethernet bridge

 GN      Group ad-hoc Network is a NAP with no external network

 PANU    Personal Area Networking User in both host (like GN but
         a single connection) and client (the device that connects
         to all the others) mode.

source at:

any comments, suggestions or test results welcome (I'm fiddling with
details at the moment but the core is finished)

It should work on any NetBSD4+ system, the only thing is that the
/usr/sbin/sdpd and <sdp.h> function should be up to date in order to
register GN or PANU services (I added some padding recently so that
nap/gn/panu structure are the same size)

I only tested PANU (netbsd) -> NAP (windows mobile 6) so far, it performs
better than PPP (solid 6Kb/s against 2-5Kb/s using ppp to DUN service. I
blame the phone for that though :)

Also, is this something we want in NetBSD base system (it is written for
NetBSD), or should I go the pkgsrc route (it could be adapted without too
much trouble for other BSD systems)?

        I'd love to see this in the base system. Having a quick
        play with NetBSD 4.0 and it looks like btpand.h needs to
        include sys/types.h before net/if.h to get the definition
        of u_long and server.c needs sys/time.h before event.h for

        Would it make sense to ask for an sdp.h & usr.sbin/sdpd
        pullup into netbsd-4 ?

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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