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hostapd fun

I'm having my first attempt at hostapd, but get

  ioctl[SIOCS80211]: No such file or directory  == ENENT

It seems to come from 

set80211var(..., op=IEEE80211_IOC_DELKEY

trying to delete a key with

      memcpy(wk.idk_macaddr, addr, IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN);
      wk.idk_keyix = (u_int8_t) IEEE80211_KEYIX_NONE; /* XXX */

The idk_macaddr really is the correct macaddress of the client.

So I must be hitting

                        ni = ieee80211_find_node(&ic->ic_sta, dk.idk_macaddr);
                        if (ni == NULL)
                                return ENOENT;

in ieee80211_ioctl.c:ieee80211_ioctl_delkey().

Any idea why?


(NetBSD-4.99.68/amd64, ath0)

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