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Rules for adding new network drivers?

Are there any particular rules when deciding if a new network driver
should be added to NetBSD? Specifically, I'm wondering about the
et driver (Agere ET1310/ET1301) originally written by Sepherosa Ziehau
for DragonFly [1] and ported to OpenBSD by Jonathan Gray [2].

Would this driver be considered for inclusion even when its current
vendor (LSI) now dubs it as a "legacy product"? [3]

I'm asking because I've actually ported it to NetBSD, since I recently
bought a board with this chip. Does it make sense to submit a patch
(needs some finishing touches), or is that just a waste of effort?
[Don't get me wrong: I'm willing to do the work, but I'd like to know
what the chances are that it gets accepted/included.]

Thanks for any guidance.



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