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Re: interesting paper at usenix...

2008/6/29 Matt Fleming <>:
> I don't think packet aggregation is feasible for NetBSD in general
> because of this statement,
> "Packet aggregation is done only for valid TCP packets, i.e., those with
> a valid TCP and IP checksum. We verify only the IP checksum field of the
> network TCP packet before it is used for aggregation. For the TCP
> checksum, we assume the common case that the NIC supports checksum
> offloading, and has validated the TCP checksum. This is because
> verifying the TCP checksum in software would make the aggregation
> expensive."

D'oh, I don't know why I thought it would need to be implemented across
the board, rather than as a compile-time option. Clearly not enough coffee
this morning.

I think the approach is worth looking into.

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