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Re: managed switches on mii(4)

On 8-Apr-08, at 1:48 PM, David Young wrote:
I'm not immediately convinced that's a good idea.  Suddenly you're
moving the configuration of the switch to a bunch of extra utilities
like brconfig, ifconfig...

I don't understand what you mean by "extra utilities."  ifconfig and
brconfig already exist.  I reckon that they can cover the most common
switch use cases, too.

Yes, I wasn't clear. I've re-read that and can't think of what I meant by the word 'extra'. My general sentiment was that decentralizing the configuration of the switch may not be immediately desirable.

and other functions like
querying the various status registers and event counters in the
switch hardware, that would creep into everywhere...

Why do you think so?

Utilities like netstat simply report data kept in struct ifnet, for example. Data which is updated by the driver handling the packets. But the switch will be handling packets while the driver is really just a control-plane interface to the switch; and so stats don't get collected there, except by a timer-based poll of the switch hardware... As a result, I don't think you'd get a completely accurate representation of this sort of data:

Stats for port 9:
     inGoodOctetsLo       9122
     inGoodOctetsHi          0
        inBadOctets          0
          inUnicast         62
        inBroadcast          0
        inMulticast          0
            inPause          0
        inUndersize          0
        inFragments          0
         inOversize          0
           inJabber          0
            inRxErr          0
           inFcsErr          0
        outOctetsLo       8743
        outOctetsHi          0
         outUnicast         62
       outBroadcast          2
       outMulticast          0
           outPause          0
          outFcsErr          0
          excessive          0
         collisions          0
          deferred           0
             single          0
           multiple          0
               late          0
           octets64          7
      octets65to127         88
     octets128to255         27
     octets256to511          1
    octets512to1023          3
    octets1024toMax          0
       inDiscardsLo          0
       inDiscardsHi          0
         inFiltered          0
        outFiltered          0
Stats operation completed successfully.

Going through the rest of the list, I guess I can see a home for the rest of the functionality... Maybe I'm coming around to this after all....

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