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Re: managed switches on mii(4)

On 8-Apr-08, at 11:59 AM, David Young wrote:

Let me suggest a different approach to supporting the Marvell switch than switchctl. We already have a familiar abstraction for an ethernet port in our existing drivers (tlp(4), wm(4), et cetera), for a switch/hub/ bridge in bridge(4), and for a VLAN in vlan(4). Let us reuse those. Represent
the ports in the Marvell switch using 11 interfaces, mrvl0..mrvl10.
Change each port's media settings and such in the usual way with ifconfig.
Connect/partition ports on the switch with bridge(4).  Add and remove
VLAN tags on some ports with vlan(4). Let the underlying hardware driver
set the switching matrix and other parameters in order to optimize the
configuration of mrvl0..10, vlan0..N, and bridge0..M.

I'm not immediately convinced that's a good idea. Suddenly you're moving the configuration of the switch to a bunch of extra utilities like brconfig, ifconfig... There are other functions like clearing mac addresses out of the cache on certain ports that don't necessarily fit into any specific utility, and other functions like querying the various status registers and event counters in the switch hardware, that would creep into everywhere...

The project I'm currently on considers this problem 'solved' so I won't be able to put any time towards it while I have access to hardware...

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