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Re: Regarding summer of code 2008(writing device drivers)

>>> I don't see why there's any more chance of [data injection] with
>>> this scheme than with normal TCP.
>> Sleeper injections, perhaps?
> I still don't see the attack.  The packet can only get into the cache
> if it's in-window for some stream, plus it passes the TCP checksum.

Oh, I misunderstood.  I thought this was done at the IP layer, not the
TCP layer.

> (Aside: we never want to cache UDP packets without checksum.  [...])

If you're doing caching at the TCP layer, you don't have to worry about
non-TCP packets.

> [...], especially when you take the probability of reuse into
> account.  (Hmm -- for NFS, it might be a very promising idea...)

Doesn't most NFS use UDP, and thus not get cached?  I certainly know
that I've seen NFS-over-TCP used seldom-to-never.

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