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Re: Regarding summer of code 2008(writing device drivers)

>> Also, the technique seems susceptible to data injection.  What do
>> you think?
> I don't see why there's any more chance of it with this scheme than
> with normal TCP.

Sleeper injections, perhaps?  With normal TCP, if you inject a packet,
it has to be in-window, or it's dropped.  With this, you can inject a
packet and have it sit in a cache for a more or less unlimited time and
then have it crawl out and damage the data stream.  (Nontrivial, but
I'd be very reluctant to declare it impossible.  A lot of traffic is a
lot more predictable in practice than it's promised to be by theory.)

> First, how much data can be cached in RAM on the receiving machine?

Quite a lot, if it wants to.  I'm regularly seeing machines these days
with more RAM than some of my machines have _disk_.

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