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wm(4) performance issues


I recently picked up a Intel Pro/1000 PT Desktop wm(4).
(Because nfe(4) was rather unhappy for me. But that's another

I was surprised to find it has performance issues under NetBSD.

On a amd64 4.99.54 box (Socket 754, nforce4) I couldn't get it to source
or sink much more than 25 Mbyte/s.  On another instance of the same model
of motherboard running 4.99.31, 57 Mbyte/s was obtainable.  Both of these
rates are rather disappointing considering the speeds obtained under
Linux can reach 90+ Mbyte/s.

The peer machines I've used for testing are either a nforce4 nfe(4)
or a BCM5705 (32-bit Legacy PCI) bge(4) alone on a Intel 6300ESB's PCI-X
bus. Both of these boxes run NetBSD-current > 4.99.30.

Testing consists of my usual sending of /dev/zero via progress(1)
and pkgsrc/net/netcat6.

Any ideas how the performance of this wm(4) could be improved?

        Jonathan Kollasch

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