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Re: MPLS patches

Christos Zoulas wrote:
- some ints should be size_t's [clen for example]
- KNF:
    void foo(void)
should be:
- You should not add MBUFTRACE to GENERIC
- a define<space> should be define<tab>
- Is there a way to avoid all the #ifdefs or abstract them better?
- Missing kernel RCSID's and /* $NetBSD$ */ header lines.
- #ifdef TAGS for protecting header files, don't follow convention.
- __attribute__((foo)) -> __attribute__((__foo__))
- casts to void* in the first argument of memset are not needed.
- some lines wrap > 80 chars.
- the third argument of memcpy() should be sizeof(arg1) not sizeof(type1).
- the copyright/license in ldpd files is BSD but formatted strangely. I'd
  replace it with the standard formatting.
- ldpd should use syslog to print errors, and not homegrown error routine
  that prints to stdout or perror.

I did not look at ldpd in detail, but I can after you fix the above...

I fixed most of them.


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