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dual-phy (copper & fiber) NIC?

Sorry for the slightly OT, but I've run out of ideas...

I could of sworn about a month ago or so, I found a gigabit NIC (PCI
Express I think) which offered two copper AND two SFP connectors for
fiber.   The card had only two ethernet controllers (Marvell I think),
hence you could only use up to two connectors at any time.  Very
similuar to many switches which give you the choice of copper or fiber
but not both (sometimes called "combo ports").

Anyways, I didn't bookmark the page, I can't find it again via google
and I don't remember the name of the mfg of the NIC.  Anyone have any
idea of what I'm talking about?  Any hints or pointers to the page,
vendor or reseller would be greatly appreciated.


Aaron Turner - Pcap editing & replay tools for Unix
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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.  -- Benjamin Franklin

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