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Re: Endian-specific types

>> It uses __le16, what should I convert that to in NetBSD?
> What does it do?

I _think_ __le16 is just uint16 (or maybe int16) but with an additional
annotation for humans and (potentially?) automated codewalkers that the
value is thought of as little-endian.

I have never really understood their use of it.  IMO values in
integer-typed variables should not even conceptually have endiannesses;
endianness is a property of not the variable or its value but rather of
a serialization of that value.  Confusing a value with its
serialization is a fruitful source of bugs - I'm working with some code
right now at work that does the "overlay values onto the buffer to
serialize/deserialize" thing and it is byte sex hell, for exactly this
reason.  (I've been recommending they fix the code to stop doing that.)

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