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Re: rcorder document BEFORE and plural REQUIRES:, PROVIDES:, and KEYWORDS:

> [...] plural PROVIDES:, REQUIRES:, and KEYWORDS:.

> What was or is the plan for those plural words?

KEYWORDS, perhaps, but neither PROVIDES nor REQUIRES is a plural.
Neither PROVIDE nor REQUIRE is a noun; they're verbs, and when a
regular verb like PROVIDE or REQUIRE appears with a trailing S like
that, it has to be the third person _singular_.  The third plural, the
first singular or plural, and the second plural are all lacking the S.
("They provide", "I provide", "we provide", "you provide" - only "it
provides".)  (Second singular doesn't exist much in modern English; to
the extent that it does, it uses a distinctive inflection (usually
-ETH), not -S.)  That's all in the present tense.  Past and participles
don't use -S at all, not for regular verbs.)


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