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re: rcorder document BEFORE and plural REQUIRES:, PROVIDES:, and KEYWORDS:

   I was going to document BEFORE in rcorder.8 but looking at code I also saw 
   support for plural PROVIDES:, REQUIRES:, and KEYWORDS:.
   What was or is the plan for those plural words?
   >From looking at source, they appear to be identical to the singular 
   versions? Are they just historical? I don't see any use of them by NetBSD 
   or various branches of FreeBSD.

mostly they are there to catch folks who accidentally use the
plural forms.  i added them before importing rcorder into
netbsd src.  documenting them would be ok.
   As for documenting BEFORE ... I read "This allows scripts to be removed 
   without editing the barrier scripts."
   The BEFORE condition can be used to fine-tune the ordering.

BEFORE came much later in rcorder than the bulk of it, as we
realised that having a way to define dependancy paths both
ways was useful.  you should feel free to expand the text.


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