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Re: SCSI scanners


> If it's really the case that SANE works with these, then that seems ok.
> (I actually have a UMAX scsi scsanner but haven't powered it on in
> years.)

The scanners that we support are also on the SANE project lists [*],
although the driver is marked as unsupported.

> I wonder though if this is causing the kind of trouble that uscanner
> caused.

It's possible to use either our driver or SANE, but not both in the same
kernel.  Our driver uses ss(4) and SANE uses uk(4), and uk(4) attaches to
SCSI devices where no other driver has attached.

However, at this point in time, I would guess either that everyone with
one of these scanners is using it with ss(4) removed from their kernel
configuration, or that no-one is using them any longer.

Removing the driver removes the maintenance cost for us.  



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