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>>Progress Update 1 (Week 2)-
>>Contrary to the timeline provided, I started working within the user-land.
>>(src/lib/libc/gen/posix_spawn_fileactions.c, src/include/spawn.h,
>>The modifications made to the files can be found at:
>>As most of the work in the user-land is done,
>>it is my goal to work in the kernel-space for the next three weeks.

>Good progress. It is probably better to mimick the original NetBSD tree
>structure in userland and commit your changes on top of a baseline that
>comes unmodified from NetBSD so that you can produce a diff that directly
>applies to the NetBSD tree.

Thank you!
I will get my commits in order asap.

>You also need to write unit-tests for userland :-)

My initial plan was to write test cases during weeks 6&7,
given I am not too fluent with unit testing.
However, if the test cases are required right away,
then I will start working on them as well.


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