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Re: umodeswitch

Martin Husemann <> wrote:

> How did you add the ID?

Like in patch below. I also tried the same apporach as NOVATEL2 case in
umodeswitch_attach, with no better outcome.

I am a bit surprised for D-Link DWM222 since Linux's usb_modeswitch
supports it with no special handling.

--- umodeswitch.c.orig  2021-04-09 20:51:58.812087597 +0200
+++ umodeswitch.c       2021-04-09 17:57:17.853298685 +0200
@@ -420,8 +421,9 @@
        case USB_VENDOR_ZTE:
                switch (uaa->uaa_product){
+               case USB_PRODUCT_ZTE_MF112: 
                case USB_PRODUCT_ZTE_INSTALLER:
                case USB_PRODUCT_ZTE_MF820D_INSTALLER:
@@ -439,8 +441,9 @@
        case USB_VENDOR_DLINK:
                switch (uaa->uaa_product) {
                case USB_PRODUCT_DLINK_DWM157E_CD:
                case USB_PRODUCT_DLINK_DWM157_CD:
+               case USB_PRODUCT_DLINK_DWM222_CD:
                        return UMATCH_HIGHEST;

> If it does not do that, either the command was wrong, or it does not
> like moving to configured state (see the NOVATEL2 case in umodeswitch_attach).
> Martin

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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