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I am trying to add support for two 3G/4G modems. They show in usbdevs
-dv as:

  port 3 addr 4: high speed, self powered, config 1, ZTE WCDMA
Technologies MSM(0
x0117), ZTE,Incorporated(0x19d2), rev 0.00(0x0000), serial

 port 10 addr 2: high speed, power 500 mA, config 1, Mobile
Connect(0xab00), Mobile Connect(0x2001), rev 2.28(0x0228), serial

And as usual, they attach as umass devices instead of u3g. I added the
ids of the two devices in umodeswitch.c and now:

umodeswitch0 at uhub1 port 3: Switching off umass mode
umodeswitch1 at uhub1 port 10: Switching off umass mode

But they are not attached by u3g and remain attached by umodeswitch
forever. I added a printf at the beginning of u3g_match() and they are
not even tested for a match. What is the trick I miss here? 

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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