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Re: ZFS: time to drop Big Scary Warning (Christos Zoulas) writes:

> That's a good test, but how does zfs compare in for the same test with lets
> say ffs or ext2fs (filesystems that offer persistence)?

With the same system, booted in the  same way, but with 3 different
filesystems mounted on /tmp, I get similar numbers of failures:

tmpfs	12
ffs2	13
zfs	18

So tmpfs/ffs2 are ~equal and zfs has a few more failures (but it all
looks a bit random and non-repeatable).    So it's hard to sort out "zfs
is buggy" vs "some tests fail in timing-related hard-to-understand ways
and that seems provoked slightly more with /tmp on zfs".

Did you mean something else?

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