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Re: ZFS: time to drop Big Scary Warning

I got a suggestion to run atf with a ZFS tmp.  This is all with current
from around March 1, and is straight current, no Xen.

Creating tank0/tmp and having it be mounted on /tmp failed the mount
(but created the volume) with some sort of "busy" error.  I already had
a tmpfs mounted.  Rebooting, zfs got mounted and then tmpfs and i
unmounted tmpfs and then I have a zfs tmp.  So not sure what's up but
feels like a tmpfs issue more than a zfs issue, and not a big deal.  Or
maybe it's a feature that you can't mount over tmpfs.

With /tmp being tmpfs, my results are similar to the releng runs.  I've
indented things that don't match two spaces.

Failed test cases:

Summary for 903 test programs:
    9570 passed test cases.
    12 failed test cases.
    73 expected failed test cases.
    530 skipped test cases.

With /tmp being zfs:tank0/tmp, I get

Failed test cases:

Summary for 903 test programs:
    9567 passed test cases.
    17 failed test cases.
    72 expected failed test cases.
    529 skipped test cases.

which is also similar, but slightly different.

So overal I conclude that there's nothing terrible going on, and that
these results are in the same class of mostly passing but somewhat
irregular as the base case.  So work to do, but it doesn't support "ZFS
is scary".

(Of course, the system stayed up through the tests and has no apparent
trouble, or I would have said.)

As an aside, it would be nice if atf-test used TMPDIR or had an argument
to say what place to do tests.

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