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Re: RAIDframe: what if a disc fails during copyback

On 10/30/20 1:54 PM, Edgar Fuß wrote:
it locks out all other non-copyback IO in order to finish the job!

Locking out all other IO is very poor... but if it's a small enough RAID set
you might be able to get away with the downtime for the copyback...
Certainly not.

You shouldn't need to reboot for this... the 'failing spared disk' and
'reconstruct to previous second disk' should work fine without reboot.
I still don't get this. What I have is:

            /dev/sd5a: spared
            /dev/sd6a: optimal
            /dev/sd7a: used_spare

So what am I supposed to do from here?

If you really want to get /dev/sd5a in use again, you can do:

 raidctl -f /dev/sda7 raidX
 raidctl -vR /dev/sd5a raidX

to do the fail of sd7a and rebuild of sd5a. But unless you have a strong need to use sd5a I would do nothing and leave things as-is. If you reboot at this point /dev/sd7a would show up as the first component and be marked as 'optimal'.


Greg Oster

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