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Re: RAIDframe: what if a disc fails during copyback

Thanks for the detailed answer.

> it's still there, and it does work, 
That's reassuring to know.

> but it's not at all performant or system-friendly.
Just how bad is it?

> If you want the components labelled nicely, give the system a reboot
Re-booting our file server is something I like to avoid.

> and behaves very poorly.
Depending on how poorly, I could probably live with it (the RAID in question 
is the small system one, not the large user data one).

> In your case, what I'd do is just fail the spare, and initiate a reconstruct
> to the original failed component.  (You still have the data on the spare if
> something goes back with the original good component.)
Hm, I guess I would need to re-boot and intervene manually in that case.
Just using the slow copyback looks preferrable if it doesn't take more than 
a day.

Probably I need to test this on another machine before.
I guess there's no way to initiate a reconstruction to a spare and failing 
the specified component only /after/ the reconstruction has completed, 
not before?

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