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Re: autoloading compat43 on tty ioctls

In article <>,
nia  <> wrote:
>syzkaller found a bug in tty_43.c which i noticed could lock up my
>system after i wrote a reproducer for it.
>i was curious why 43bsd compat is enabled by default on amd64 then
>noticed it gets loaded by tty if it detects an unrecognized ioctl
>this seems to be a strange choice, especially on archs that never ran
>43bsd binaries. were applications relying on these ioctls more recently?
>i'm not familiar with the history of this code, but maybe someone here is

Aside for the TIOCGSID bug which I am about to fix (it is in tty_43.c
and is used in libc tcgetsid(), all the compat tty ioctls are defined
in /usr/src/sys/sys/ioctl_compat.h... We can empty that file and try
to build the tree :-), but I am guessing things will break. Also a lot
of pkgsrc will break too. It is not 4.3 applications that break it is
applications that still use the 4.3 terminal api's.


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