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recording /dev/sound vs pause

I found a strange behavior on /dev/sound.

On NetBSD7, opening /dev/audio always initializes as pause=false,
and it forces recording start.

Opening /dev/sound inherits sticky pause.  If the sticky
pause = true, /dev/sound initializes as pause=true and then
recording doesn't start.  It will be expected behavior.

On the other hand, if the sticky pause = false, /dev/sound doesn't
initialize pause (not "initialize with false") and therefore
recording doesn't start.

In result, on NetBSD7 (or prior):
opening /dev/audio always starts recording and
opening /dev/sound always doesn't start recording (regardless of
sticky pause).

On NetBSD9, both of opening /dev/{audio,sound} doesn't start
recording now.  And it should be fixed.
But is this NetBSD7 behavior expected?  (And should I keep this
(strange) behavior in new audio?)

Tetsuya Isaki < />

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