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Re: ALTQ Refactoring and NPF Integration Sponsorship

On Feb 25,  1:36pm, (Sean Yeh) wrote:
-- Subject: ALTQ Refactoring and NPF Integration Sponsorship

| Hi Christos,
| I hope you are having a great week!
| My name is Sean and I was hoping to contribute to the ALTQ Refactoring and
| NPF Integration project.
| I graduated from University of California, San Diego (UCSD) as a
| Mathematics-Computer Science major in March 2019. The common thread tying
| my work experience together would be automating and optimizing processes,
| such as tutor notifications and shipping processes. I've attached my resume
| as well.
| This seems like the perfect project as I recently finished reading and
| taking notes on TCP/IP Illustrated Vol. 1 and would like to further my
| networking knowledge.
| I am currently able to contribute 40 hours a week. If you need anything
| else from me, please let me know. My phone number is (909)-610-0560.

Hi Sean,

I am glad you are interested in this project. I think that the first thing
to do is some research on the state of the art in traffic shaping software
and their integration with firewalls. Altq is an old piece of software and
it probably needs a complete re-write. Once you get a feel about what's
out there and what you would like to implement we can discuss it in this
forum and we can help you write a proposal.



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