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Re: Proposal: Remove filemon(4); switch make meta to ktrace

>   At sjg's request, there's a compile-time option -- setting the make
>   variable USE_FILEMON=ktrace vs USE_FILEMON=dev -- to switch between
>   filemon back ends, since Juniper still uses /dev/filemon on FreeBSD
>   which has seen more maintenance, security, and performance updates.
>   (This might also enable future strace, dtrace, &c., back ends.)

Thanks for that again, being able to ditch filemon on Linux would be

I did a quick smoketest for filemon_dev.c on FreeBSD.
I had to revert some of the changes to Makefile so that filemon_dev compiles;

.if ${USE_FILEMON} == "dev"
FILEMON_H ?= /usr/include/dev/filemon/filemon.h
.if exists(${FILEMON_H}) && ${FILEMON_H:T} == "filemon.h"
COPTS.filemon_dev.c += -DHAVE_FILEMON_H -I${FILEMON_H:H}

With the above it seems to work ok, thanks.

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