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Re: disk driver interface

On Dec 30,  6:42am, David Holland wrote:
} On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 02:50:14AM +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
}  > In article <>,
}  > David Holland  <> wrote:
}  > >
}  > >It might be a good idea to do this for our own use, but probably it
}  > >shouldn't be a 3rd-party interface. (Unless we decide like the look of
}  > >it, I guess.)
}  > >
}  > >Although I'm not real thrilled about multiplying uses of proplib...
}  > 
}  > This is why I said let's add DIOCGDISKGEOM to avoid proplib and DIOCGDISKINFO.
} Because it's better to multiply ioctl entities? :-)

     Before we go adding ioctl entities all over the place, we
should probably find out what other OSes are doing.  We've already
added a couple from FreeBSD.  The question is, what else is out
there that may satisfy our needs?

} (I suppose it in fact is...)

     I'm not sure I agree.  But, then I don't have the same hate-on
for proplib that others seem to have.

}-- End of excerpt from David Holland

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