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Tru64 AdvFS porting to NetBSD - 4. status 2014-12-25

Merry Christmas!

The last month I used to... clean up and merge improvements with upstream NetBSD.
My intention was not to just propose plain new code import, but give a reference patch and try to research a bit a possible improvement to the existing solution.

In particular, I pay attention to two stdlib.h functions, happened to be bit controversial. I wish I saw them accepted and merged soon as there are scheduled some patches to NetBSD and pkgsrc considering these functions merged or reusing them.

So time to dive again in the AdvFS code!

AdvFS in-kernel code [1] is going to be rebased to the -current and all branches merged.

1. What is done
- N/A
2. What is in progress
- cleaning up branches
3. Issues
- N/A
4. Next steps
- UVM, VFS.. and all things from the previous mail
5. Pushed to NetBSD
- little pieces here and there

Previous porting status:


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