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Tru64 AdvFS porting to NetBSD - 3. status 2014-11-16


This is the third status [1] of porting AdvFS to NetBSD.

Thanks especially to the rump team for help! The world is small as I still meet new people who tried to get open pieces of Tru64 or Alpha (like the SRM code) in the past. Lately I was more reading then porting as I have the occasion to learn new things to me, regarding virtual memory subsystems.

1. What is done
- Basic locking is done [2] (I could say that 80% of code is adapted, and this required 20% of time and effort for locking)
2. What is in progress
- Studying NetBSD specific bits of VFS, UVM, Virtual Memory, Pager, UBC etc, to be prapared for porting virtual-memory logic
- Analyzing Tru64 / AdvFS usage of VM (available documentation is helping here)
- Cleaning the code to stop the flood of annoying errors from compiler -- it started to be really clean when comparing to the initial stage
3. Issues
- This time mostly time and knowledge shortage (regarding VM and VFS internals)
4. Next steps
- Migrate VM, VFS for NetBSD's API
- Squash as many trivial compiler warnings as possible, to stop the flood of errors (GCC 4.8.x and clang 3.5.x do the job well)
5. Pushed to NetBSD
- sys/time.h patches waiting for review/comments (at problem-reports)
- Proposed small patches regarding improvement of documentation (NVNODE, uvn_findpages())

Help and motivation support is appreciated.

Code is here:

[1] Previous report is at
[2] Mostly with this patch set

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