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Re: shipping processes between ttys

Christian Koch <> wrote:
 |On Sun, Dec 07, 2014 at 07:02:42AM -0700, Andy Ruhl wrote:
 |> I hate to ask an obvious question, but what is the application \
 |> of this in a
 |> world where "screen" exists? I went to the link and it says "when you
 |> forget to start something in screen" which seems like the only obvious
 |> reason to use something like this. Although screen isn't perfect I
 |> suppose...
 |This was the first thought that entered my head, as well. \
 |tmux(1) ships with the
 |base NetBSD system already, and I use tmux all the time for this express

I thought the idea is pretty cool: you would loose a server and
a lot of I/O indirection via pseudo ttys.  Of course you'd loose
some (read: quite a lot of) flexibility regarding what can be
done.  It wouldn't work for my very own use case, which benefits
the most from the "identical environment wherever i am" paradigm;
and to get there i build or install screen, copy my usual config
file environment and am ready to go.  And screen(1) (ok ok, and it
is GNU, _but_):

  ?0[steffen@sherwood ]$ pla|grep -i screen
  steffen    288   0.0  1.6  2482128  33760   ??  Ss   Mon10am   0:22.43 SCREEN
  steffen    287   0.0  0.0  2435396     60 s000  S+   Mon10am   0:00.21 screen

That is just sensational given the amount of data that has passed
all those windows, just take these numbers of my MUA:

  Memory statistics:
    Count cur/peek/all:     715/    895/    738364
    Bytes cur/peek/all:  151782/ 872707/2913078747

  String usage statistics (cycle means one sreset() cycle):
    Buffer allocs ever/max a time : 1/1
    .. size of the builtin/dynamic: 8152/61400
    Overall alloc count/bytes     : 117043/6615192
    .. bytes min/max/align wastage: 8/1080/329504
    sreset() cycles               : 607 (440 performed)
    Cycle max.: alloc count/bytes : 4680/269488+199936

not to talk about all the directory listings, git(1) log listings
and manual page views...

And i think it would be cool if NetBSD would reintroduce
cdrom.iso's, so that there would be a single image that works
offline.  At least you're done once you've got all the balls you
want in addition.


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