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Re: pm2fb driver


On Tue, 9 Dec 2014 02:05:14 +0900
"Naruaki.Etomi" <> wrote:

> I was write Permedia2 ("TVP4020") chip driver.
> See:
> NetBSD Problem Report #49229
> pm2fb are not attached on Sparc64 and Alpha.
> I still don't have a reply.

I'm sorry, I read the PR and had no time to deal with it.

> Is there a problem?

Yes, on my side. Too many other things to do.

> Please point it out if there are any mistakes in my code.

I hope I'll find time to look at it in the next few days.
If I remember correctly the problem is, that pm2fb really only supports
PM2V, since that's the card I have ( a PGX32, I'm not sure if all PGX32
are actually PM2V ) but not the plain PM2. The main difference between
PM2 and PM2V is that the PM2V has a different DAC and there are some
smaller differences in the clock generator ( IIRC there are more
dividers available on PM2V ) and (probably) the drawing engine.

Reading the PR now.
On first glance I see nothing wrong with your code, I'll just test it
on my hardware and if things still work as expected I'm going to commit

Addressing comment 1:
I'm not sure I ever tried to run xf86-video-wsfb on top of pm2fb, I'm
fairly sure I always used xf86-video-glint. I'll see if pm2v needs your
fix. IIRC the apertures' endianness is programmable ( at least on pm2v
) and it may well be that my card's firmware just set things up

It's probably easier to just program the 1st aperture to whatever
endianness we need. I'll read the manual again and check if I actually
do remember correctly.

I'll look at that, can't tell for now what the code actually does. I
need to read the manual again.

Either my mistake or a difference between pm2 and pm2v. I don't
remember where I got that definition from.

The bitblt problem might be an endianness side effect, I remember lots
of trouble getting it to work right in 8bit mode ( with copying pixels
in 32bit quantities for speed )

thanks for reminding me

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