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Re: m_reclaim & ieee1394_drain

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 6:36 PM, Michael van Elst <> wrote:
> (Ryota Ozaki) writes:
>>pr_ddain and if_drain memory reclaiming routines
>>are called from m_reclaim. Most of them are delayed,
> Where do you see if_drain routines?
> ./arch/arm/allwinner/awin_eth.c:        ifp->if_drain = awin_eth_ifdrain;
> -> a donothing routine
> ./net/if.c:     ifp->if_drain    = if_nulldrain;
> -> the official donothing routine, set when the interface gets deactivated
>    where setting the pointer to NULL would be ok.
> ./net/if_ieee1394subr.c:        ifp->if_drain = ieee1394_drain;
> -> the only one that does something.

I misspelled. s/pr_ddain/pr_drain/

Anyway I should say clearly that pr_drain routines are delayed
(such as tcp_drainstub and ip_drainstub) and only ieee1394_drain
is not delayed.


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