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m_reclaim & ieee1394_drain


pr_ddain and if_drain memory reclaiming routines
are called from m_reclaim. Most of them are delayed,
i.e., it just sets a flag and does memory reclaiming
later in fasttimo callouts. However, only ieee1394_drain
(one and only of if_drain callbacks) tries to reclaim
memory there.

I'm thinking of ieee1394_drain delayed as well, like this:

It does almost the same as pr_domain callbacks;
ieee1394_drainstub just sets ic_drainwanted flag and
later ieee1394_watchdog calls ieee1394_drain if the flag
is set. (ieee1394_watchdog also does memory reclaiming,
but to keep the original behavior as much as possible,
we call ieee1394_drain.)

By doing so, we can make *_drain callbacks consistent,
make m_reclaim MP-safe and get rid of KERNEL_LOCK from

One drawback is that the behavior of m_reclaim
will be changed and somebody would be suffered
from it. (I'm not sure if it's serious or not.)

How about the change? ieee1394 guys?


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